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TaT plot 4: The Rescuing!
Len - Maybe a little sad...
[It's another hot summer day and Len is once more moping about indoors. He's taken a break from cleaning (again) to thumb through a book he found. It's not very interesting.

He really misses the library. there were many more books there! Wait, thinking that is wrong, isn't it?

He's so bad at being a good Len...]

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Missing the library, Len? [Rin's voice came from a shadowy corner, where one could only just see the outline of her. She'd known Len wouldn't notice her until she announced her presence there; he'd been far too busy being properly depressed recently.

But the entertainment value in watching him mope was wearing thin; after all, Dearest Brother was right where she wanted him, and hiding their darker habits in their own home was becoming rather taxing. The Imitator was no longer needed.

You look so disenchanted with our books.

N-- no! That... that'd be... I mean...

You don't sound very sure.

[Len chimed in from a shadow opposite Rin, something...different about his smile. Something...


Are you displeased with the home we've provided you?

Do you want to leave? [Rin takes a step forward, now half in the shadow and half in the light, her eyes bright orange; painting an arguably more creepy portrait than she had previously.]

Just like you left your own Rin?

All alone.

Never to be born.

[torn between bewilderment, fear, and guilt]

I-- it's wonderful. I...

[as Rin speaks, Len visibly shrinks in on himself]

N-- no.

[Len follows Rin's example, taking a slow step.]

H'm~ you still don't sound very sure. But I wouldn't put it past you, really.

You never tried very hard to redeem yourself in the first place.

All you've really done is learn a few manners and mope around the house.

It's annoying, truly.

[It's the dead of night.]

[Miku is walking through the shopping district, appreciating the peace and quiet that comes with closed stores and no one around. There's a lot going on in her head — BRS's crew, Len's disappearance, her lack of personnel. She has no one to trust and no one to rely on. Carefully, she examines her reflection in a mirrored store display.]


{Miku would not be given long to brood over her problems, as an interruption in the form of a small black feline wearing an orange bow around it's neck appeared; hopping right out of the reflection she had been studying moments ago. And as if that was not a strange enough occurrence on it's own, it seemed that the cat could talk.}

You're the police Miku, right?? The one that knows little LenLen?

[SDFHALSF;;ESAV almost drops her knife on it]

...a cat?

{The cat might have thanked you for not actually dropping a knife on her, were she not so focused on getting someone to help 'little LenLen'.}

I'm a special cat. Are you the right Miku??

Which Len — no, that's not important.

What do you need me for?

They're gonna kill him! The LenLen with one eye and his RinRin.
They're gonna kill little LenLen!

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