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Because Kyt's impatient
Len - Depressed
[It's been over a while since Len's been in the Dressing Room proper or seen any of his friends and acquaintances. Rini and the TaT!twins aside, of course. But then again, they are family now, right?

Anyways, Len's feeling a little better today-- no bad dreams-- so he's decided to take a walk. He does like being outside and it makes it easier to charge too. He was trying to stay on mansion grounds, but without knowing it he ended up leaving them.


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[Eventually Len might notice several petrified trees. The culprit? Lily, who's attempting to make another wormhole. She obviously hasn't succeeded yet.]

[tree... statues? where are there tree statues here? they look very realistic, too. what else is her--

i-- it's a Lily!

Len comes to a halt, stepping on a stick as he does so. It predictably snaps with a loud *crack*]

[Huh, it's Len. Well she naturally figures that he's not the Len she knew, but whatever.]

Uh, hey. [lowers the ray gun]

[feeling slightly safer now that she isn't holding her weapon up, but she's still a Lily and thus maybe dangerous]

Um, hello?

I-- I'm sorry... I wasn't trying to... to bother you, Lily-san.

Pft, why're you acting so nervous? I can't kill anyone with this thing.

I-- I'm not... I mean... um...

You are a-- a 'Lily'. S-- so...




Ohhhhh, maybe you met that stabby me even though I haven't yet.

K-- knife Lily-san?

She... she said she wanted to k-- kill me and... and stab my eyes but then s-- she acts nice and says her heart is broke and... and that sounds sad...

... What the hell? Eugh, why hasn't anyone done something about her yet?

[appears confused by that question]

I-- I don't know? She... she hasn't really done anything wrong... a-- and she's nice a lot too. I, um, t-- think?

If she wants to stab your eyes, she probably isn't nice.

Jeez, don't assume all Lilies are like that. There're two normal versions of us, you know.

You... you, um, mean t-- tree Lily, Lily-san?

Uh. If you mean the robot one, I guess so. Why's she "tree Lily"?

Y-- yes! I mean, she... she's a robot. There was, um-- a can, and... and a cord... then I w-- was in the tree... she dropped me a-- and my knees got hurt!

[strange, you'd think a robot would have durable knees, right?]

... She told me she wasn't crazy...

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